Tuesday, November 26, 2019


 Frozen 2 is directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee and stars Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, and Josh Gad. The plot of the movie is Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven leave Arendelle to travel to an ancient, autumn-bound forest of an enchanted land. They set out to find the origin of Elsa's powers in order to save their kingdom. I loved the first movie so, I went into this with high expectations and it did not disappoint I loved this movie. It is a more adult animated film from Disney it's darker and more mature and that is what I loved about it. There is still stuff that kids will enjoy, but I think adults will have a better time with this one. Of course, if you are a hardcore Disney fan you are going to really enjoy this movie. The music is fantastic, the performances are outstanding, there is some really great humor, and beautiful animation. I don't think any fan of the original is going to be disappointed.    The voice cast is amazing and everyone is great just like in the first film. Josh Gad as Olaf as always is hilarious there is one little monologue that he has which basically recaps the first movie that is one of the funniest things I've seen in a movie this year. Kristen Bell as Anna and Idina Menzel as Elsa have a much more easy-going chemistry in this one since now they are close sisters again and I love their dynamic in this movie. You could really feel the emotion between them and I thought they were perfect in the film and I thought they made their sister relationship feel a lot more lived-in and believable this time around especially since they have grown closer. Jonathan Groff is back as Kristoff, and he is clearly having a good time. He gets a really great song in the middle of the movie.    This movie has a lot of jokes that probably a lot of kids won't get that I thought were really clever, really smart, and genuinely hilarious. Olaf gets some amazing jokes and some of them come so rapid-fire you have to try to stop laughing to keep up with them.    This is a visually gorgeous movie there are some sequences were when you see them you will understand why it took them six years to make this sequel. It's a movie that is as colorful as the characters that inhabit it. This is really Elsa's movie because it is her personal journey to figure out what happened in the past those secrets of the past and it definitely has to do in large part with her relationship with her mother. I liked that that was the emotional through-line of this movie in addition to her relationship with Anna who genuinely loves her and wants to protect her and doesn't want to lose her again. Their relationship is really warm it's really sweet and you can really tell that these two sisters genuinely love each other, that they don't want to be separated, and if they do need to separate it is for the right reason. Those two emotional through lines carry this movie and I think they carry it extremely well.  5 out of 5 stars for Frozen 2. I hope you enjoyed my review.

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