Thursday, June 20, 2019


 Toy Story 3 takes place quite sometime after Toy Story 2. Andy the owner of the toys is moving on to college. He hasn't even looked at those toys for a long time, in fact, he even got rid of a few of the old toys. So the main premise of the movie is that Andy's toys end up at Sunny Side Daycare which when the humans aren't looking is run by Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear who is voiced by Ned Beatty. At first, the place seems nice, but unfortunately, their stay ends up being horrible. Andy's toys are moved to a room where the kids are not so nice. These kids are destructive and so Andy's toys have to find a way out of there, but it is not so easy because Lotso has taken over the place. You do eventually discover Lotso's backstory, and he has a crew of toys that run the place with him including a Ken doll voiced by Michael Keaton.     I see this movie in halves the first half is all set up, but the second half of the movie is this big plane for all these toys to get out. They almost make it out but are caught by Lotso. They end up in this garbage truck on the way to the dump. First, they are in this giant landfill, and then they are on the conveyer belt and this shredder is going to get them. So they have to find a magnet to get to the top and Lotso is still there and the toys won't leave him to be shredded, so they help him out. So they get past the shredder, and they think they see daylight, but it is the incinerator. Lotso is the one who sees the switch to turn it off, so he gets up and looks at them and says where is your kid now, and then he leaves. So the toys are thrown into the incinerator and it gets to the point where they don't see a way out and just accept their fate, but then they are saved by the green aliens. They all make it back to Andy's house, but Woody comes up with this idea because when he originally escapes he ended up going to this little girl Bonnie's house and Woody had the best playtime he had in years. So they decide to go to a new owner. Before Andy leaves he goes to Bonnie's house and gives her his toys.    The Animation in this is the best out of the three movies. Randy Newman's music is once again fantastic this movie doesn't feature any songs at least not during the film itself, but the score is just fantastic. The highlights to me are actually the very first scene and the very last scene in the movie. Randy Newman did write a song that plays over the credits called "We Belong Together". In my opinion, Toy Story 3 wrapped up the trilogy perfectly. So when PIXAR announced another one I thought I don't know about this.  5 out of 5 stars for Toy Story 3.

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