Wednesday, June 19, 2019


 Toy Story 2 starts off with Andy heading off to cowboy camp and you would think he would bring Woody, but just before he is about to leave he's playing with Woody, and he accidentally rips Woody's arm. So Woody is left behind. While Andy is at cowboy camp his mother puts on a yard sale and while trying to rescue another toy from this yard sale Woody is stolen by a guy named Al. So now Buzz and the rest of the gang have to go on this journey to find him and bring him home.    This is one of the greatest sequels ever made. The movie starts out with this whole sci-fi fantasy action sequence with Buzz Lightyear and it sucks you in right away with Buzz fighting Emperor Zurg. Turns out it is actually Rex and Buzz playing this video game in Andy's room. All the toys you loved from the first movie are back, but this movie being a sequel we also got some new characters. The guy Al who stole Woody he's a collector he ends up being a really sleazy dude, but you find out the franchise that this sheriff Woody doll comes from and that is a 50s TV show for kids called Woody's Roundup. Al has the rest of the Roundup gang which includes Bullseye the horse, Stinky Pete who is voiced by Kelsey Grammer who is the wise one of the group, and one of my favorite characters of the Toy Story series Jessi voiced by Joan Cusack. The very first thing you see of Jessi is when Woody first meets them, and she is so excited to see him because she has waited years for this and her energy really comes through and not only do you like her because she is fun, but you end up emotionally connecting with her later on because of her backstory.    So Woody is hanging out with his Roundup gang, meanwhile, Buzz and the crew are going on this perilous journey they have to hide underneath cones and cross the street through traffic eventually they make it to Al's Toy Barn. Buzz ends up meeting a new version of the Buzz Lightyear toy and so just like in the first movie we have a delusional Buzz. This new delusional Buzz ends up joining them and it's great you have Tim Allen voicing two characters who are the same character.  This movie also has some great lessons about life. There is a scene where the Prospector is talking to Woody the Roundup gang is going to be sold to a museum to make Al filthy rich so he tells Woody that he can be adored by children for generations or you can go back to your kid and eventually be discarded. Buzz, later on, tells Woody yeah you can be adored by children through a glass case, but you'll never have that feeling of closeness with a kid again and this time Buzz gets to tell Woody you are a toy.    Once again the music for Toy Story 2 was done by Randy Newman and once again the music is completely perfect. When we get to Jessi's backstory they have this song called "When She Loved Me" it's sung by Sara McLachlan and it has got to be one of the saddest songs I've heard in a Disney movie.  This movie does everything a sequel should do and it does it perfectly with the same loveable characters and new lovable characters, a really touching story with great life lessons, the humor is really funny, the emotional moments are very strong and the animation is once again beautiful.  5 out of 5 stars for Toy Story 2.

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