Monday, November 12, 2018


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was again directed by David Yates. Dumbledore takes Harry to recruit Horace Slughorn he is someone they really need to teach at this school.  This guy has crucial memories of Tom Riddle now Voldemort and Dumbledore tries to use Harry to get closer to Horace so they can get that information from him. Dumbledore is positive that this memory can help them defeat Voldemort.    Half-Blood Prince is a very subtle movie it's very quiet there isn't much happening it's definitely the most uneventful Harry Potter film that isn't a bad thing though. This film is, in my opinion, the very first adult Harry Potter film. Even though the films have gotten darker as they have gone on this one does feel like it is aimed at adults because there is a lot of inaction, there's a lot of mystery, there's a lot of dialogue, there's a lot of character building and there's barely any magic battles at all. It's a very character-driven movie and that is a big compliment for a movie like this that appeals to a young demographic.    Also, some very important things happen towards the end of this movie for Harry's life that of Dumbledore's death at the hands of Severus Snape. So this movie had to build that relationship between Dumbledore and Harry because Order of the Phoenix didn't really explore it at all and this movie did that so those emotional scenes mean a lot more.  One of my favorite scenes in this movie is towards the end when Harry and Dumbledore go to this cave with this liquid that Dumbledore has to drink that's very poisonous it's a very intense scene it's very thrilling a lot of great action in that scene and it was directed extremely well.    Harry is eventually able to get Horace to tell him what he needs to know by using the memory of his mother. It's a very touching scene it was really heartfelt and he finally figures out what he needs to know. Dumbledore and Harry go searching for Horcruxes devices that are linked to Voldemort's very being and if they can destroy all of them they destroy Voldemort.   The end of this movie is really sad. Draco is a lot worse than he used to be. He's no longer just a bully he's getting really close to Voldemort and he has that evil brewing within him, but he's not sure if he has to act on it yet and Severus steps in and kills Dumbledore, but there is a sense that there is more to that.   With the death of Dumbledore, it feels like hope is lost and Harry knows he has to go out and find the Horcruxes. The very last scene of Harry, Ron, and Hermione talking and seeing the Phoenix fly away was very touching.  5 out of 5 stars for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I hope you enjoyed my review.

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