Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 is again directed by David Yates.  Ever since this book was split into two movies studios just saw a financial strategy. They didn't understand that artistically this was a good choice because this book deserves to be two movies.  This movie opens very fast-paced there's a very creepy introduction to Voldemort and his Death Eaters.  There is a very cool motorcycle scene where everyone disguises themselves as Harry Potter and that whole chase scene is exciting it is also sad because Harry's owl Hedwig is killed.  I also really love the sequence where they disguise themselves as people who work for the Ministry of Magic and they infiltrate that place and Ron gets a little too into his disguise.    The three of them are looking for Horcruxes in order to defeat Voldemort. This film is more solemn than the others because our three main heroes go on a very private journey alone to find these things.  As they are in the woods and one of these Horcruxes does take a toll on them emotionally Ron gets very jealous He has a big argument with Harry and this leads to a separating of our three friends that we are so used to seeing together which makes it even sadder and lonely. This does lead through to one of my favorite scenes which wasn't in the book and that's Harry and Hermione dancing. There's something really sweet about it. It's almost like their last fleeting moment of happiness.    When Harry returns to where he was born and visits the gravestone that scene really got me. That was a really touching moment and the way it is filmed the cinematography the dark lighting it's all really beautiful. That is something that I am still blown away by when it comes to these Harry Potter movies because usually in a series at this point when you get to this many installments you have fatigue, but not with these movies they are all great. They all build upon each other in very interesting and fun ways. They keep the characters fresh and interesting and the filmmakers never seem to sleep through anything everyone is always on their A-game.    Later on in the movie when Harry's in trouble Ron shows up and saves him. He has the sword and they destroy one of the Horcruxes.  Then we get an exposition scene where we learn about three brothers and the Deathly Hallows. This leads to a magnificent chase scene through the woods I loved the way David Yates shoots this sequence it's so breathtaking. Once they are captured we get some suspense about what is going to happen to them until they are saved by Dobby, but as they are disappearing Bellatrix throws a knife killing Dobby for me this is the saddest death in the entire series. Then we get our big cliffhanger with Voldemort taking the elder wand out of Dumbledore's tomb and holding it up to the sky.    Despite taking a book and splitting it in two and what that can sometimes do cinematically for your experience Deathly Hallows Part 1 is a very fun movie a very enjoyable film one that is shot beautifully very well acted with a lot of good emotion and a lot of really fun scenes. It's not as action-packed as the other Harry Potter movies, but these characters and the care that is still being given makes this a very good film.  5 out of 5 stars for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. I hope you enjoyed my review.

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