Monday, October 8, 2018


Venom is directed by Ruben Fleischer and stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze and Reid Scott. The plot of the movie is when Eddie Brock acquires the powers of a symbiote, he will have to release his alter-ego "Venom" to save his life.    I was not looking forward to seeing this movie the trailers made it look boring and that is exactly what this movie was. When Tom Hardy is on screen the movie is watchable it's still not great, but he is the best part of this movie.  The CG was horrendous at times it looked like CG from a movie that would have been made 15 years ago.    The acting across the board is really cheesy even Tom Hardy had some terrible moments. There were parts of the movie where I was laughing when I shouldn't have been. The interaction between Eddie Brock and Venom was okay for the most part, but there were some moments that were embarrassingly bad.  Most people when they think of Venom also think of Spider-Man. Spider-Man is not in this movie.  The post-credit scene does set up a sequel and despite hating this one I think the sequel has the potential to be a lot better.  1 out of 5 stars for Venom. I hope you enjoyed my review.

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