Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Jurassic Park 3 is directed by Joe Johnston and stars Sam Neill, William H. Macy, Tea Leoni, Alessandro Nivola, Trevor Morgan, and Michael Jeter.  This movie is somehow even worse than The Lost World. Just in case you haven't seen Jurassic Park 3.  Check the movie out and then come back to this review, because in order for me to fully explain how awful this movie is I have to Spoil stuff.     So the story of this movie is basically we need to get Alan Grant back on the island. So we have a boy who crash lands while he is parasailing and this family lies to Alan to get him to the island by telling him we just need you to be our guide, but in reality, it is the boy's parents.  They get Alan to agree by offering him money, just like in the first movie the motivation for going there is money.    Right from the start of this movie I couldn't believe how painfully obvious the green-screen is. The characters who are parasailing in the foreground and then the background of the ocean and the mountains look like they are on a completely different color scheme.    For some strange reason director, Joe Johnston and the special effects team decided to use a lot of close-ups of CGI dinosaurs. Now if you go back and watch Jurassic Park and The Lost World close-up shots of dinosaurs were almost always animatronic. CGI was mostly used for wide shots because you're not closely examining these computer details that Spielberg and his team knew just weren't up to par for that type of filmmaking.  In Jurassic Park 3 there are tons of detailed close-ups of CGI dinosaurs and they don't hold up anymore.    It's great to see Sam Neill back he's the best part of this movie I love him as the character of Alan Grant and it's also nice to see Laura Dern back as Ellie, but they made them break up for some reason.   The scene with the plane going to the island has the dumbest scene in the entire series. We have Alan having his Raptor dream in which a Raptor looks at him and says his name.    Another very disappointing thing for me was the characters they're not entertaining. They're poorly written. The only interesting character is Alan Grant and a lot of that is because we love Sam Neil and he is so good as that character.  Easily the most annoying person in the film is the character played by Tea Leoni all she does is scream constantly. William H.Macy just makes terrible jokes none of it worked at all.  The character Billy well likable is such a boring and dull character.    Another big problem with the movie was the animatronics aren't really that good. The Spinosaurus creature looks like something you would see on the Jurassic Park ride at Universal.  The T-Rex versus Spinosaurus fight we were all excited to see last about 20 seconds.    This movie doesn't have a clear antagonist. Spinosaurus doesn't count that thing just shows up every once in a while to chase them.  The antagonists should have been the Kirby's they lied about everything got Alan and Billy to the most dangerous place on Earth just because they're looking for their son.   This movie is just a series of scenes in which people run away from dinosaurs. I did read one thing on IMDB about this movie and that is that the film began shooting before the script was complete well that explains a lot.  1 out of 5 stars for Jurassic Park 3. I hope you enjoyed my review.

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