Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Love, Simon is directed by Greg Berlanti and stars Nick Robinson, Josh Duhamel, and Jennifer Garner. The plot of the movie is Simon Spier keeps a huge secret from his family, his friends and all of his classmates: he's gay. When that secret is threatened, Simon must face everyone and come to terms with his identity.    This movie has a terrific cast Nick Robinson is excellent in this movie he nails the comedy and the drama extremely well. Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Garner play Simon's parents and they are fantastic. The actors playing Simon's friends are very good as well. The stand out in his group of friends for me was Leah played by Katherine Langford. She was on Netflix's 13 Reasons why and was amazing on that show and she is just as great in this I look forward to seeing more from her. All the performances are really great. The cast works very well together.  As for the movie itself, there is a lot to love. The screenplay for this movie is fantastic it had the perfect balance between comedy and drama. It reminded me a lot of some of John Hughes's high school movies.     Going into the movie I was worried about the dramatic senses. Thankfully when it becomes more dramatic and gets into what it is like to come out or be forced to come out it is handled well and not like some crappy Lifetime movie. There are some great emotional scenes between Simon and his parents and friends that worked very well.  The romance part of the movie doesn't feel forced you completely buy why he falls for this guy. When the movie ended and the credits came up I wanted to watch it again right away.  This is a really fantastic movie that I think everyone should see.  5 out of 5 stars for Love, Simon.  I hope you enjoyed my review.

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