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This is the last movie of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Revenge of the Sith is the one out of all the prequels that people consider to be the best, but there are still a lot of people that don't like this movie, however, I have always adored Revenge of the Sith and that didn't change after this viewing. There was a time when this first come out where I liked this movie more than a lot of the original trilogy. That's not the case anymore the original trilogy is better, but I still love this movie. As with my previous two reviews, this will contain SPOILERS.    The movie begins with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker who is now a Jedi Knight in a space battle above Coruscant where they are trying to save Chancellor Palpatine who has been captured by General Grievous. I love how strong this movie starts we begin with a great space battle some great dialogue between Anakin and Obi-Wan. There is a lot of great moments with R2-D2 when they finally get inside the hanger. They find the Chancellor, but in the same room is Count Dooku who if you remember in Attack of the clones basically kicked both of their asses. He cut off Anakin's arm he made Obi-Wan look like a bitch. This time around its different and Anakin and Obi-Wan have a rematch with Count Dooku. While this battle isn't great it's probably one of the worst of the movie, but that's not bad because I enjoy every lightsaber battle in this movie.  This battle is a lot better than that horrible one in Attack of the Clones. Again Obi-Wan's only in the fight for the first third because he just gets thrown by Dooku and almost gets crushed by a piece of the ceiling. Then you get Anakin vs. Dooku. Anakin best him cuts off both of his limbs at first he's not going to kill him, but Palpatine tells him to do it. So he beheads him with both his and Dooku's lightsabers. Which is the first hint that Anakin is starting to turn to the dark side.    The rest of the stuff inside Grievous's hanger is some of my favorite parts of the movie. We get introduced to General Grievous and they make him look like a joke he hypes himself up as this big thing, but he's really not that strong. Grievous escapes the ship and launches all the escape pods.  Anakin ends up flying the hanger down into Coruscant with only half the ship remaining and the Chancellor is saved Anakin get a glorious day with the politicians. Obi-Wan goes off somewhere and then Anakin learns that Padme is pregnant with his kid. This is one of the strongest scenes between these two it did seem a little cheesy like a lot of the stuff between them in the last movie. Anakin Starts having Visions of Padme dying in childbirth and this will lead to Anakin Slowly turning to the dark side of the force as he tries to find a way to save her.  Hayden Christensen in this movie is much better as Anakin. He's not the whiny little brat that he was in Attack of the Clones. The stuff he goes through in this movie is believable you kind of actually feel for him because he's treated unfairly.    We see more of the bond between Anakin and Palpatine. The Jedi Council has become suspicious of Palpatine because the war is almost over and he is refusing to give back his emergency powers he's actually getting more and more. They are worried since his term has long since expired and he hasn't left office. Palpatine appoints Anakin to be his personal representative on the Jedi Council. The Council basically tells him your on here, but you are not going to be a Jedi Master and this pisses Anakin off. This is one of the main reasons why he turns because he feels disrespected he feels like none of them trust him. This leads to a lot of scenes I really enjoyed of Anakin just pondering what is going on inside of him. There is one scene where he meets with Yoda about the visions he is having. There is another one where he is talking to Padme where he is telling her that he feels he is not the Jedi he should be he wants more, but he shouldn't. That scene really shows the inner conflict within himself about whether to remain faithful to the Jedi or not.    Grievous's location is found on the planet Utapau and Palpatine suggest that Anakin is the one that goes to kill him. The Council rejects that and says Obi-Wan should go. So Obi-Wan ends up going to Utapau to confront Grievous and Anakin feels more disrespected. This leads to one of my favorite scenes in the movie when Anakin and Palpatine meet at the opera house and Palpatine tells him the story of Darth Plagueis who it's hinted at is Palatine's former master. He tells how he was the only one who was able to cheat death and able to create life through the force. This is the best dialogue-heavy scenes of the prequels. Anakin asks if there is a way to learn this power and Palpatine says not from a Jedi and more seeds are planted of Anakin's turn. I have a feeling Gorge Lucas did not write this because this scene is just too good.    Obi-Wan arrives on Utapau confronts Grievous who is talking to The Trade Federation he's been ordered to send them to Mustafar where they will hide for the remainder of the war. Obi-Wan Jumps down and we get our second lightsaber battle of the movie and this one I liked it a lot more when I first saw it. I still enjoy it, but he gets bested fairly quickly. He loses three of his limbs within the first minute of the fight and then it stops being a lightsaber battle and ends up being a chase where Grievous is on his wheel speeder thing. Eventually, it turns into kind of a fist fight. Obi-wan rips open Grievous's chest. Grievous almost knocks him off the area that they were on. Obi-Wan uses the force grabs a gun and shoots Grievous in the hart and he explodes.    Palpatine is still manipulating Anakin and you see his influence growing. They have another conversation He continues to say that the Jedi are not as heroic and pure as they say they are. Anakin puts the pieces together when Palpatine talks about how he is familiar with the force and has trained with the dark side. He is, in fact, the Sith Lord that they have been looking for for the past 13 years he is Darth Sidious. Palpatine pleads to Anakin to become his apprentice and learn from him how to save Padme. Anakin turns Palpatine into Mace Windu. Mace Windu tells Anakin to stay there they will handle it themselves. This leads to one of my favorite Scenes in the movie the fight between Mace Windu and Palpatine and it showcases them as almost equals because Windu disarms the Emperor. Yes, that was probably Palpatine's plane, but it's still a pretty awesome fight. Windu has Palpatine in the corner Anakin comes in and this leads to one of the more iconic scenes of the movie. Palpatine starts using the Sith lightning on Mace Windu. Anakin has to decide if he is going to let Mace Windu kill Palpatine or save the man that has become his friend and his mentor. Anakin ends up cutting off Windu's hand and this leads to Palpatine throwing Mace Windu out the window to his death. Anakin completes his turn to the dark side. Palpatine makes him his new apprentice. It's a very powerful scene on everyone's part Samuel L. Jackson, Hayden Christensen and Ian McDiarmid they all do a wonderful job in this scene. Then you get order 66 and that's where Palpatine has all the clone troopers turn on the Jedi and kill them. The only ones to survive are Obi-Wan and Yoda. It's such a powerful scene and the music in the background is one of my favorite pieces in the entire saga. Yoda is the only one to kill his clone. Obi-Wan survives his fall. It's just sad, but the icing on the cake is when Anakin goes to the Jedi temple. He comes into the room where all the younglings are one of them ask what are they going to do and you see this broken look on Anakin's face. He draws his lightsaber and he kills all those kids. It's not shown, but it's heavily implied it's heartbreaking and one of my favorite scenes in the entire saga.    Palpatine gives a speech at the Senate building where he basically turns the republic into the empire.  Yoda and Obi-Wan Sneak into the Jedi Temple to determine if there are any Jedi left and to find out who is behind all of this. Ob-Wan and Yoda find the younglings and Yoda points out that they were killed by a lightsaber and not the clone troopers. Obi-Wan finds the security hologram and he sees Anakin killing all of them. They determine that Yoda is going to fight Palpatine and Obi-Wan is going to fight Anakin. Obi-Wan does not want to kill Anakin, but he knows that's what he has to do because he is going to be dangerous. The problem is Obi-Wan doesn't know where Anakin has been sent so Obi-Wan goes to Padme. Padme ends up telling him where Anakin is after Obi-Wan tells her that Anakin has turned to the dark side.    Padme goes to talk to Anakin because she doesn't really believe Anakin has turned to the dark side. Obi-Wan sneaks onto her ship and Padme goes to Mustafar with C3-PO. We see Anakin on Mustafar he kills all the Trade Federation people. There are two scenes where Christensen's facial expressions are excellent. One is where he turns around and you see him with the yellow Sith eyes and the other is when you see him standing over the lava and you see a tear come down his face. It shows that he is still conflicted.  Padme confronts Anakin and tells him she doesn't know who he is anymore. Padme tries to get him to stop by telling him that she loves him Anakin calls her a liar and starts force choking her. Obi-Wan reveals himself and tells Anakin to let her go. This leads to one of the best fights in the entire saga. Obi-Wan vs. Anakin. I love this fight so much. A lot of people say that it's too over-the-top and it's too choreographed Fuck you this fight is kick ass I love every single minute of it. While that is going on Yoda confronts the Emperor and they start dueling and this is I think better than Yoda vs. Dooku. This one ends in a stalemate and in the end, Yoda goes into exile because he failed to beat the Emperor. The fight between Anakin and Obi-wan is still going on and it gets to a point where Obi-Wan jumps up onto this high type of pillar thing. He tells Anakin that it is over and that he has the high ground. Anakin goes to jump and Obi-Wan slices him cuts off his good arm and both of his legs and he's left there to burn. Then you get why this movie is a PG-13 rating Anakin burns to death. Obi-Wan takes his lightsaber walks away and leaves the planet.    Palpatine eventually discovers Anakin and brings him back to Coruscant and Anakin is finally put in the armor and becomes Darth Vader at the same time Padme for some reason lost the will to live. She ends up dying, but first, she gives birth to the kids Luke and Leia and she tells Obi-Wan that there is still good in Anakin.  I love that they keep cutting back and forth between Padme giving birth and then dying to Anakin being put in the suit. The ending of the movie is great they determine where to send the kids Leia is brought to Bail Organa and his wife and Obi-Wan brings Luke to the Lara's family on Tatooine. Obi-Wan stays on the planet to watch over him until he is older.    The characters in this one are the best they've been in the entire prequels Ewan McGregor again is fantastic as Obi-Wan. Ian McDiarmid gives the best performance in the whole movie this guy is incredible as Palpatine He is so evil and manipulative. Hayden Christensen gives a better performance in this movie because he is given more instead of being this whiny son of a bitch that he used to be. There are some scenes where he is still like that, but not many. All of the battles I really enjoyed. The score is my favorite in the prequel trilogy. John Williams is a genius.    The only negative I have is the dialogue is still pretty bad especially in scenes with Anakin and Padme. I love this movie a lot it's my favorite of the prequel trilogy and my third favorite overall.  I'm going to give Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith 4 out of 5 stars.

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