Saturday, April 8, 2017


2 Fast 2 furious is directed by John Singleton and the only returning cast member is Paul Walker guess why. If you said because this movie is shit than you are correct.  So since the end of the last movie he has been on the run from the FBI. He travels across the country and he's decided that he is going to stay in Miami and then the film starts. That's right the only way you would actually know this is if you looked it up on Wikipedia like I had to or you own the DVD where there is a prologue that tells you everything you need to know for this film. That's all backstory to actually understand this movie because the dialogue is so stupid you can't understand anything and neither would you want to be told that much by these people because you can't stand listening to them.    I understand that these movies aren't about the plot they are about racing cars, but firstly do you really want to bank so hard on your action that you have basically no plot. Secondly, if you are not going to put in any plot worth talking about then you need to put extra effort into the action not less.   The first race in this movie is an exact copy of the first race from the first movie and it goes on for way too long. You can see right from the beginning of this movie that the cars are not real cars. This was made in 2003 so CGI wasn't what it is today so it's even worse.  There's this part in the first race were a drawbridge goes up and the cars jump over and Paul Walker's car goes over the other guy's in midair and then he lands and it looks so fake it's done in about 5 different cuts.    So after the first race gets found by the FBI and he's sent on another mission undercover again to infiltrate this drug lord. He accepts with one condition that he gets to pick his own co-driver Tyrese Gibson who is complete crap and the two have zero chemistry.   So the plot is just there so the action scenes can happen and the action scenes aren't even good and the plot is even worse. So I can't find a single thing worth recommending 0 out of 5 stars for 2 Fast 2 Furious.

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