Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Rings is directed by Javier Gutierrez and stars Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, Alex Roe, Johnny Galecki, Vincent D'Onofrio. The plot of the movie is a young woman finds herself on the receiving end of a terrifying curse that threatens to take her life in 7 days. I thought this movie was going to be complete shit. It had some pretty dumb trailers plus it was originally going to come out last October and then they decided to push it back. The only thing that really piqued my interest in this film was the intrigue of what would happen if the cured video somehow got online and became a viral video.    This film is watchable, but it does have a lot of problems. One big problem is this movie doesn't even know what it wants to be at times. This isn't a spoiler they released the first three minutes of this movie online and it shows this airplane scene and it has a Final Destination feel to it. When every screen on this plane started playing The Ring video I thought to myself they've gone too far.  Like I pointed out this movie has no idea what it wants to be at one point it turns into some terrible college romance crap that belongs on the Hallmark Channel. The main actress wasn't that bad she was certainly better than the other college kids in the film who all gave very wooden performances and it looked like they didn't even want to be in this movie.    Johnny Galecki plays a college professor who starts up a very odd experiment after watching the tape himself. He gets college students to watch the tape which is now online and that could have been interesting, but it gets to complected.    This film does delve into the history of Samara. It gives a little bit more of her backstory and reveals some new information. One of the most iconic things about The Ring was the video. In this film they show that video probably about 90 times throughout the movie it's shown on people's phones, on computer monitors, they project it up on walls and you see it on TV. After you see the same thing about 90 times it isn't terrifying like it used to be. Another very big problem with Rings is that it tries so hard to set itself up for a sequel that it almost ruins itself in the process. This movie shuffles the continuity of the past films. The events of The Ring Two never happened which I should be thankful for because if you read my review of that movie you know that I really don't like it.    There are some interesting ideas here like the cult, but that gets to complected and the film has no idea what it wants to be.  2 out of 5 stars for Rings. I hope you enjoyed my review.

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