Sunday, March 8, 2020


 The Invisible Man is directed by Leigh Whannell and stars Elisabeth Moss, Aldis Hodge, Storm Reid, Harriet Dyer, Michael Dorman, and Oliver Jackson-Cohen. The plot of the movie is when Cecilia's abusive ex takes his own life and leaves her his fortune, she suspects his death was a hoax. As a series of coincidences turn lethal, Cecilia works to prove that she is being hunted by someone nobody can see. I loved this movie. Elisabeth Moss is fantastic. She needs to carry this movie on her shoulders she not only needs to make us believe that she's being tortured by this invisible ex-boyfriend of hers, but she needs to make us believe that she's been in an abusive relationship before the movie even starts. She is able to pull that off from the first scene. From the first shot, you realize this is a woman who needs to get out of this situation and Moss sells every second of this movie. You feel the torture, you feel that anguish inside her, you feel how she is constantly paranoid and how she has PTSD from this relationship and how it is affecting her in the present.    Leigh Whannell did a wonderful job directing this movie. He really knows how to tell a gripping and compelling story What I really love that Whannell does here is he is not only creating so much tension throughout the course of the movie he has these really great slow deliberate camera movements that really build up the tension and suspense and really plays into the horror of it all, but he's able to tell this compelling story about abuse. The action sequences in this movie are really well done, really well staged, and beautifully shot. There's some great camera work that makes you feel more immersed in the action.    This is a really intense horror movie, it's really well directed, it's beautiful looking, and it has a fantastic lead performance by Elisabeth Moss.   5 out of 5 stars for The Invisible Man. I hope you enjoyed my review.

Friday, March 6, 2020


 The Call of the Wild is directed by Chris Sanders and stars Harrison Ford, Omar Sy, Dan Stevens, Karen Gillan, and Bradley Whitford. The plot of the movie is a sled dog struggles for survival in the wilds of the Yukon. I had a major issue with this movie and that is the choice to make every animal in the film CGI including Buck. The original book had a lot of darkness in it and this film is absolutely aimed at younger kids and families. The choice to have the dog be a cartoon throughout the entire movie really took out the sense of danger. I understand that when you have a dog constantly in a movie and have it be in peril you obviously cannot harm or put a real animal in that situation. It's not that the CGI is bad it's just very distracting.    Harrison Ford saves this movie. He's not in the first act that much and so the first 30 minutes is pretty boring. As soon as he shows up and as soon as he and Buck go on their journey the film improves significantly. Ford is so good in this movie even interacting with a CGI dog. Even being distracted by the CGI I still found stuff to like about the film mainly because of the beautiful scenery, the music, and Harrison Ford.  3 out of 5 stars for The Call of the Wild. I hope you enjoyed my review.

Sunday, March 1, 2020


 Fantasy Island is directed by Jeff Wadlow and stars Michael Pena, Maggie Q, Lucy Hale, Austin Stowell, Jimmy O. Yang, Portia Doubleday, Ryan Hansen, and Michael Rooker. The movie is a horror adaptation of the popular '70s TV show about a magical island resort. This is from the same writing and directing team and lead star of 2018's Truth or Dare and it is worse. Fantasy Island is an unintentionally hilarious excuse for a horror movie. You can see every scare coming it's people backing up slowly and the camera waiting for them to turn around, so they can pan to something that's behind them. It's the sound going out of the mix and you know a jump scare is about to happen and none of them are effective.    Every scene is like somebody explaining their entire lives to you. It's a constant series of twists and reveals and none of them are shocking. Every time one of them happens the person has to turn around and basically look at the audience and explain everything to us like we're fucking children. I'm not joking this movie is nothing but explaining. Every single choice that's made in the plot is just a long series of explanations as if we couldn't figure things out on our own.    Michael Pena plays the evil orchestrator of events on this island. He is really bad in this movie everyone's pretty bad in the movie. Maggie Q's storyline is so pointless. For most of the movie, her storyline is about regret, and she gets that opportunity again and spends a large portion of this movie just lounging around on a beach with a daughter she always wished she had. Lucy Hale's storyline is she wants revenge on a childhood bully. One of the other people wants to be a soldier, so he is off in a battle somewhere. The movie cuts back and forth between the different stories and the tone is so off and so jarring. I never felt like I was watching a horror film or a fantasy movie. The movie also has one of the most nonsensical plot twists I've ever seen. It makes you question everything you just watched even though the movie's obsessed with explaining all of its twists to you like it's afraid you won't understand. Even with all of that explaining baggage the twists still doesn't make any goddamn sense. The only mystery is how the fuck this movie got made.  0 out of 5 stars for Fantasy Island. I hope you enjoyed my review.

Saturday, February 29, 2020


 Sonic the Hedgehog is directed by Jeff Fowler and stars James Marsden, Ben Schwartz, Tika Sumpter, and Jim Carrey. The plot of the movie is after discovering a small, blue, fast hedgehog, a small-town police officer must help it defeat an evil genius who wants to do experiments on it.  I did not grow up playing any of the Sonic games and knew very little about the character. Plus the trailers for this movie looked awful, so I was not looking forward to watching this movie.    This movie is a lot better than I thought. It's not going to end up being one of my favorites of the year, but I had fun watching it. I think this is actually a really fun adventure move. It will definitely please kids. I think fans of the game will be happy and if you are an adult who is dragged to this you won't be completely bored.  Based on the trailers the main thing I was not looking forward to in this movie was Jim Carrey. He is nowhere near as annoying as I thought he was going to be. Every time he tried to be funny I did roll my eyes because it was lame, but he is very entertaining other than that.  Ben Schwartz voices Sonic, and he is perfect for this character. He's got that fun playful nature to him. He has a lot of funny lines and I loved his relationship with James Marsden's character. I bought their friendship, and they made for a fun pair. A lot of the action sequences in the movie are a lot of fun. They are well filmed and the special effects are great.    This movie does have some pretty big flaws for the first 30 minutes of this movie I was completely bored. Every time Jim Carrey tried to be funny it was embarrassing. Also, the movie is very predictable. It's very easy to tell where it is going to go and why it needs to go there.  3 out of 5 stars for Sonic the Hedgehog. I hope you enjoyed my review.

Sunday, January 26, 2020


 The Turning is directed by Floria Sigismondi and stars Mackenzie Davis, Finn Wolfhard, Brooklynn Prince, and Joely Richardson. The plot of the movie is a young governess is hired by a man who has become responsible for his young nephew and niece after their parents' deaths. This is a nothing movie. Nothing happens, it has no meaning, it barely has an ending, and it leaves you wondering why the hell you just wasted your time. The movie is about 70 minutes of pure setup she's trapped in this house, the kids are getting on her nerves, she's having horrific visions, and then something occurs and you think the movie is ending. Then the film does a trick of sorts and the final 10 minutes are unforgivable I have not been this pissed off about how a film ends in my life.    Mackenzie Davis is extremely over-the-top. Finn Wolfhard is unfortunately really bad and I am a fan of his. Brooklynn Prince is not that bad. By the end of the movie, I was so betrayed by the complete lack of respect for the audience.  0 out of 5 stars for The Turning. I hope you enjoyed my review.

Sunday, January 19, 2020


 Dolittle is directed by Stephen Gaghan and stars Robert Downey Jr., Antonio Banderas, Michael Sheen, Emma Thompson, Rami Malek, John Cena, Kumail Nanjiani, Octavia Spencer, Tom Holland, Craig Robinson, Ralph Fiennes, Selena Gomez, and Marion Cotillard. The plot of the movie is a physician discovers that he can talk to animals. Dolittle is a terrible movie in just about every single way it fails as a comedy, it fails as an adventure, and it fails as an action movie. The CGI is extremely unconvincing. Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most charming and likable actors on the planet, but he is really bad in this movie his accent is very distracting and it made it hard for me to take the character seriously.    All you get with this movie is a series of incoherent scenes that are so messy it is difficult to follow. Characters just go from one location to another along the way he encounters a tiger that needs therapy and for some stupid reason, the writers felt the need to put a scene in where Robert Downey Jr. pulls a bagpipe out of a dragon's ass I wish I was kidding.  The main problem with this movie is the reason he goes on this adventure is to save this queen who is ill. We know nothing about her and their friendship is not touched on at all. So why is he risking his life and these animal's lives for this relationship we know nothing about? Since that friendship is never explored I don't care what happens to these characters which makes the whole movie fucking boring.  0 out of 5 stars for Dolittle. I hope you enjoyed my review.

Saturday, January 11, 2020


 Like a Boss is directed by Miguel Arteta and stars Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne, Jennifer Coolidge, Natasha Rothwell, Billy Porter, and Salma Hayek. The plot of the movie is two friends with very different ideals start a beauty company together. One is more practical while the other wants to earn her fortune and live a lavish lifestyle. I'll watch any movie it doesn't matter who it is aimed at.  This movie is fucking terrible it is so exaggerated every scene is so absurd and to this heightened level of insanity that it was hard to take it seriously. Thankfully the movie is not that long.    One of the biggest problems with this movie is how cartoonish its villains are. Salma Hayek is obviously having a lot of fun in this role, but she is way too over-the-top. Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne are both super talented, and they both work well together here and it feels like they are friends. The problem is the movie doesn't give a shit about character or story and it just wants to make you laugh with these really unfunny scenes that are just embarrassing.  1 out of 5 stars for Like a Boss. I hope you enjoyed my review.